Thursday 7 February 2019 – Centre de congrès Pierre Baudis

A simultaneous translation from French into English will be provided during the day.
Version: 17 January 2019


07:45Welcome Desk OpeningFoyer Ariane
08:45Introductive speeches
Welcoming remarks and general infomation
Auditorium St-Exupéry
09:052019 pluriannual Research and technology Plan

Orbital systems - Jean-Marc CHARBONNIER (CNES)

Auditorium St-Exupéry
10:05Launchers technology - Jérôme VILA (CNES)Auditorium St-Exupéry
10:30Coffee breakFoyer Ariane
11:00Information on funding sources
Presentation by Abdelkader BERKANE KRACHAI (BPI France): programs set up by BPI France
Presentation by François ALTER (CNES): CosmiCapital
Auditorium St-Exupéry
11:30François FORGET Presentation: Mars and scientific exploration
French astrophysicist, specialized on solar system exploration on planetary environments.
Research director in CNRS and member of the Science Academy.

Auditorium St-Exupéry
12:15 Lunch break (including 1/2 hour pitches from invited start-up’s : O’SOL ; Magma ; Geo-Flex ; Geeglee)Room Caravelle
14:00R&T Results obtained by invited SME’s
3D Plus, ACRI-ST, Mecano ID, NanoXplore, NIMESIS Technology, Syrlinks
Auditorium St-Exupéry
15:15Round table: Solar system scientific exploration issues
The participants are:
Athéna COUSTENIS (research director in CNRS specialized on planetology at the Paris Observatory),
Sylvestre MAURICE (researcher at the Institute for Research in Astrophysics and Planetology at the Midi-Pyrénées Observatory),
Francois FORGET (research director in CNRS and member of the Academy of Sciences specialized in the exploration of the solar system and planetary environments),
Patrick MICHEL (research director in CNRS, in charge of the planetology group of the Lagrange laboratory of the Côte d'Azur Observatory) the scientific side and Francis ROCARD (responsible for solar system exploration) and Jean BLOUVAC (responsible for exploration and manned flights) for CNES
Animation by Michel FAUP (responsible for Innovation and Foresight) CNES.
Auditorium St-Exupéry
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