L’écosystème des startups du spatial en France est dynamique et plein de vitalité. Pour preuve, au-delà de 10 startups qui ont pitché à la Journée de l’Innovation, la liste  ci-dessous présente l’inventaire des startups qui ont été identifiés par le CNES et ses partenaires : le Pôle Aerospace Valley, l’ESA BIC et l’accélérateur Starburst.

Comme dans tout écosystème actif, le recensement de ses constituants est en perpétuelle évolution.


StartupDescriptifCatégorieSite internetLocalisation
3dis technologies

Innovative 3D interconnect technologies for Wafer-Level integration of 3D System-in-Package and high performance 3D inductive passive devices.Technologiesège, France

Innovative Radiofrequency Circuit based on RF MEMS to improve systems. Infrastructures, France

Few industries generate as much data as earth observation and yet earth observation images analysis remains a highly manual activity and having the right image at the right time can be a challenge. Earthcube intends to bring a breakthrough in how we can leverage remote sensing solutions by developing the first solution enabling global monitoring.Downstream http://www.earthcube.xyzParis / Toulouse, France

Geo-information services for coastal areas monitoring: shoreline and bathymetry, water quality and ecosystem assessmentDownstream, France

Technology based on SONAR technique to analyze the adherence of a material at a nanoscale. Used in Space for optical components. Technologies, France
Nawa Technologies

Provider of Innovative products and solutions based on organized nanostructures, Nawa Technologies adds new functionalities to the structure of nano-carbons. Technologies / Rousset, France

Underwater electronic equipment for divers GPS localization.Applications, France

3D printed antennas for connectivity on the moveTechnologieshttp://www.swissto12.comLausanne, Suisse

Geo-information for agriculture, environment and land managementDownstream, France

Breakthrough propulsion for small satellitesInfrastructureshttp://thrustme.frParis, France

Shape Memory Alloy for harsh environmentsInfrastructuresécleuves, France

Specialized in the design and implementation of reconfigurable RF transceiversSemiconductors Paris, France

Optimizing air traffic management through software solutionsApplications, France
GlobalSensing Technologies

Pattern recognition and embedded electronic system specialist. Global Sensing Technologies designs and markets new micro-electronic systems using artificial intelligence through its Neural Network TechnologyTechnologies Boulogne / Dijon, France

Innovative GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) PNT Solutions and integrating underground locationDownstream, France
Aguila Technologies

Based on different communication technologies (SIGFOX), Aguila is specialized in geolocation for animal tracking and waste management. Downstreamhttp://www.aguila.frBidart, France

Designs reliable and innovative devices to structure and share critical data during catastrophic events.Applications Antipolis, France

Constellation of Solutions for Nuclear environmentInfrastructureshttp://www.elements-nuclear.comToulouse, France

FlyOps improve the connectivity of aircraft when operating and in flight.Technologies, France

Indoor location with GNSS and Wireless Sensors NetworksDownstreamérignac, France

Set of geolocation technology management in an integrated tool chain by producing geo-referenced to manage transportation networks via GIS data.Downstreamège, France

New manufacturing process based on the Laser Metal Deposit 3D printing technology, integrating very soon the manufacturing constraints (optimization, sizing) and addressing both fabrication and MRO markets.Technologies Saint-Agne, France

Artificial intelligence and predictive data analysis. Qucit reduces pollution and waste of natural resources by developing solutions to improve urban mobility based on the analysis of a large number of urban data sources.Applicationshttp://www.qucit.comBègles, France

Solar drone for large area mapping and long duration (sun light + 3 h)Infrastructurehttp://www.sunbirds-uas.comToulouse, France

Connected and collaborative platform dedicated to physical preparation for athletes. TrackMyFit solution offers to do the prediction of the performances on a sessionApplicationshttp://www.trackmyfit.comBidart, France

‘Ultra low power’ miniaturized geolocation systems with dedicated antennas. Integrated in removable comfort insoles, this technology solution can transform any shoe in a real time position system.Applications Antipolis, France

Free mobile application that allows users to quickly manage an emergency thanks to the support of their communityApplications Antipolis, France

SYSVEO is an open source RPAS integrator for flight professionals. This software is able to superimpose an end-user made image into video streams produced by the RPAS sensor.Applications, France

Software platform centralizing all data provided by mobile computer systems regulating urban and interurban transportDownstream Antipolis, France
Cyntoo 3D

Streaming and visualizing without quality loss high resolution 3D EO data in the cloudApplicationshttp://www.cintoo3d.comSophia Antipolis, France

Electronic platform monitoring real-time communication between heterogeneous embedded componentsInfrastructuresParis, France

New generation of ultra-high performance measurement instruments based on a unique and patented technology, which relies on the utilization of laser cooling, trapping and manipulation of neutral atoms Technologies, France

Fabless semiconductor company designing state-of-the-art Analog and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits and Intellectual Property blocks for both Communications and Industrial markets.Technologies, France

InterMobility network, linking the private cars to the public transport system. Space technology is at the heart of the system by enabling Coovia to use the ridesharing in real time.Applications, France
Intraspec Technologies

Failure Analysis of electronic devices and systems, specializing in the localization of defects in both standard devices and highly complex 3D system-in-packagesTechnologies, France
Snap Planet

Social network for Earth observationApplications, France

Radionavigation satellites measurementsTechnologies, France

Very light and secure operating system for industrialsTechnologiesParis, France
Flight Watching

Monitoring and diagnostics tool to carry out real-time prognosis of airlines fleet using ACARS communicationTechnologies, France