Faced with the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, CNES decided to postpone the 2022 Innovation Day for a few weeks in view to put priority on the direct contacts between the space ecosystem actors. Consequently, we are pleased to inform you that CNES organize the 2022 Innovation Day on May 17th in Toulouse Pierre Baudis Congress Center.

This event fits in with the tradition of the past Innovation Days. It will allow to have discussions about the research and technology activities. The 2022 edition will be devoted to sustainable development. This will be the occasion of a dedicated presentation in the morning with of a round table involving people from institutional and industrial entities in the afternoon.

Along the day, presentations will allow to address the relationship between Space and sustainable development in different ways: augmented engineering with numerical twins of instruments, twin model of the Earth integrating space data, space law, recycling means for constrained habitats, space infrastructure development with reduced environmental impact.

Dedicated slots are introduced in view to present PME ‘s and start up’s activities and reinforce the contacts between them and the audience.

We are looking forward to meeting you soon,

Yours sincerely

Jean-Marc ASTORG,
Strategy Director – CNES