This event fits in with the tradition of the past Innovation Days. The 2020 edition will be devoted to technologies and the disruption that may affect their development. This will be the occasion of a presentation of Jaxa’s views on those issues by Hisashi Sano (Director General, Research and Development Directorate in Jaxa) in the morning and of a round table in the afternoon.

In order to introduce the 2020 perspectives for the preparation of future in CNES and the results that some partners obtained through their activities as part of the past R&T plans we decided to focus on the enabling architectures and technologies for satellite clusters.

A dedicated slot is introduced in view to reinforce the contacts between guest Start-ups and the audience.

Registration by invitation only and subject to availibility.


Centre de congrès Pierre Baudis
11 esplanade Compans Cafarelli – Toulouse
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