Thuesday 11 February 2020 – Centre de congrès Pierre Baudis

A simultaneous translation from French into English will be provided during the day.
Version: 23 January 2020
07:45Access open for attendants
08:45 Introductive speeches
Welcoming remarks and general information

Jean-Yves Le Gall, CNES
09:052020 pluriannual Research and technology Plan
• Orbital systems - Eric Boussarie, CNES
• Accelerate innovative technological solutions for launchers - Jean-Marc Bahu, CNES
10:30Coffee break
11:00Collaborative and open source activities for space applications
• Presentation by Damien Hartmann, Open Space Makers: Federation initiative, a collaborative answer for a responsible technology
• Presentation by Benjamin Jean, INNO3: Challenges of open source for technology
11:30Technological research and develoment in JAXA
Hisashi Sano, JAXA Vice-President
12:15On the start-up side:
• Christelle Astorg Lépine, CNES: Connect by CNES
• Julia Barrel, Alrena Technologies Head of Development Directorate
• Nicolas Cantu, ChainAccelerator Founder
• Sergio Sosa-Sesma, MobaSpace Founder
• Antoine Thebaud, Associate & COO in SeaProven
• Julien Soursou, Weather Force Head of technical Directorate
12:40Lunch break
14:00Technology as a support to economical development
Lionel Suchet, CNES
14:10Satellite clusters: Issues and technological solutions:
• Introduction : Céline Angélélis, CNES
• Clusters and science, NOIRE example: André Laurens, CNES and Tristan Buey, LESIA
• Swarm technologies:
     - Autonomous common time and relative localisation: David Valat, CNES - Pacôme Delva, SYRTE - Corinne Mailhes, TESA
     - Network at the scale of clusters, distributed processing: Laurent Rivière, CNES
     - Flight dynamics for clusters: Laurence Lorda, CNES
15:20Round table : Technology and disruption
Participants are: Hisashi Sano, JAXA, Damien Hartmann, OSM, Kalina Raskin, CEEBIOS, Nicolas Cantu, ChainAccelerator, Nicolas Multan, Hemeria
Moderation by Caroline Laurent, CNES
16:25Closing remarks
Gilles Rabin, CNES
16:30 End